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bathing golden_darkness naked to_love_ru yuuki_mikan

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MAH Yami <3

Still waiting for more vectors of her ;_;
Darn, I wanted to say the first commenter got punched out by Yami as she yelled about hating perverts.
I know she wouldn't punch you
hi im snuggls um how do u get a pic under ur name
yah can u help me hehehe^////^
snuggls said:
yah can u help me hehehe^////^
I've also sent you a private message (New Mail message in yellow)
im on it wont let me do it
Even with my silly picture tutorial you couldn't create an avatar?


Avatar Creation isn't available in IE (Internet Explorer). Do it in like safari, firefox or opera.

You didn't even read the link that Radioactive gave you huh?

Nevermind. Aoie posted first.
Then go download Safari, Firefox, or Opera first. Lot better than IE.
Heh heh heh.....being here in public computers. Aren't you bold?
Shouldn't be viewing an site with Adult Material at the library too >.>

But yeah, if you are using Internet Explorer, you will not be able to set up a new Avatar. If using Internet Explorer is unavoidable, you'll have to forget about your avatar for now.
plz dont laph at me i get made fun of all the time cuz im bisexull ;_;

I'm gonna go play some games now, I hope for good news in a few hours >.>
im not on the computer im on my psp
PSP? I doubt you can do that on there. When you get to your PC - Personal Computer, do what the Mods said.

Guess I'll go play some games myself...and any more comments should be about the image. Forums (depends on thread) and IRC is best for any other talk.
If you are using a free wifi you still shouldn't be on an Adult site, most of them are monitored.

Mobile devices have limited script support.
And please don't pick a full image that is on blacklists.
You sire win the internet, no seriously.
So, rice, when will I have my Yami vector? ;___;
When she becomes MAH waifu
>.< But you already have Eve
I give up u.u

Guess I won't be getting anything.
kyoushiro said:
I give up u.u

Guess I won't be getting anything.
You give up? What the hell? So not like you.
It's the the calm b4 the storm. Kyoushiro probably has something else in mind...>_>'