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I want to try this type of painting someday.

btw, is there someone who knows the artist?
I've never good at canvas traditional painting either on photoshop with brush nor realistically >.>

Just paper and pencil :)
Wonder what people think is harder, canvas painting (real life), or photoshop (with whatever tool you like to use)

Though they're both very different, that and I don't really draw / whatever.
Some say one is harder than another but and vice versa, but I think both are of equal value :). Both exist in their own field of study, and you can't really say one is more achieving more than another.

Real Canvas - you're allowed little mistakes with no history :)

Photoshop Canvas - w/e
Digital line drawings are far harder than actual drawings in the most cases.
Don't know about paintings because I never use coloring on actual papers, but probably painting on digitals is easier than on analogs.
Only way of painting I know is eroge painting, which can be done by only digital applications.
I consider digital lineart very difficult to do, but quite better than traditional, since you have your Ctrl+Z little friend to help you. SAI is a good program to do lineart, because of the "Linework layer". Just press Ctrl and drag the line wherever you want. It's very useful if your hand isn't steady on the tablet. But it's boring.
Traditional painting is very interesting, but maybe it should be better to get a teacher first. These things aren't much easy to self-learn.
I have no idea who's the artist, but good luck, midzki! Hope you can try this out someday.
It depends where you train most. In fact, everybody draws better on real canvas, but mmost of the people are better on digital colouring and shading. And depends a lot of what program oyu are using (Remember Debbie, that magical program we saw? I can draw and make something wonderful on that thing. I!!! XD)
Oh, no wait. Illuststudio is cheat. That doesn't count. Lol.
because SAI stopped its development, the new comer Illustsudio will take place its position soon.
it's a bit slow on my PC and vector layer isn't sophisticated comparing to SAI, but no more need to export drawings onto photoshop to colorize them.
English version may out soon because it's the product by the same company made Mangastudio.
Oh... I'm so getting Illuststudio when it comes out in English version.
Must be awesome.

And it's a pity SAI was left behind. It was a really great program and it could have been very better.

I've downloaded Mangastudio, its only fault is not saving into JPEG/PNG format. Only an odd format that Mangastudio can open. But it's still great.