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inaba_tewi m_(kkk002pc) reisen_udongein_inaba touhou wallpaper

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My private message to original artist:
Stupid question but was the original resolution of these images and is it possible I could see them? If it's not possible to see the original image then would it be possible if you could convent these two into a 1920x1200 wallpaper? If you can't or won't I understand.
reply from Original Artist:
Thank you for a message!I am weak in English.
I prepared an image about a question.
Because I uploaded an image by a compressed file, please use it freely

Please note that the link he/she gave me is now dead. Now i'm questioning why I even posted a dead link anyway.
M, just plain old M. well At least he/she is easy to remember.
Any link to his/her profile is appreciated. I try to use gooole to search, but there are too many "M"(?) in pixiv... :D

Just did a user search of "M" and only "M", turns out they're a lot of M users. You think that only "M" as a username you wouldn't get that many users.

The artist in question was kind enough to give PNG and JPG version of the 1920*1200 wallpaper and the 2507*2074 sized "original."