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out of curiousity, how does megami megazine work? The pool indicates Febuary of 2010 but clearly it's not.
some magazines produce an issue every 4 weeks which is 13 issues per year, so they end up getting ahead of the date.
Japanese book stores can return books to publishers within 3 months after the publish date.
Thus publishers think if the publish date is 2 months future, stores might keep books for 2+3 months..
Law which breaks common sense is there (゚⊿゚)
oh icic, so in Japan, the Febuary issue is for sale?
Even American mags are shipped before the shown date of the mags. Like Aprils edition will come in March. Why? Because the next months edition are finished around late mid month ^^
Publishers can mark the publish date at 40 days ahead from the actual date by the law. then mags released on the last week of months have the date of the next after next month.

For example, Here is Dengeki Hime 2010-02 issue which I bought today, and its publish date is marked 2010-02-01.
icic, well it's great to learn. xD thanks every1