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Hid these posts and removed fixme, so hopefully nobody will spend time fixing them before better scans show up (or at least someone can confirm the colors--they all look pretty heavily clipped)...
Seems pretty pointless when they are freely available from other sites...
The point is keeping people from accidentally fixing them, and the only sites I've seen with people actively fixing scans is here and moeren...
Looks like Midzki is already uploading better scans.
I replaced only moeoh.
My time of scanning new prints in this year ends today. (I upload moeoh & noantica for few days, but they're already scanned)
look forward other hime posteres from gekisoku (≧ω≦)ゞ ビシッ
Gekisoku... I can't wait to see what he's uploading next.
The very same to you, midzki!