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amatsumi_sora_ni! bra breasts clochette crease kiyosumi_serika nipples pantsu panty_pull pussy shintarou thighhighs uncensored

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I didn't shopped. there is no censorship on the original poster.
awesome dengeki >ヮ<
heading to my bookstore to buy this now XD
half undress pantsu!!! <-----hentai
ChikaneHimemiya said:
heading to my bookstore to buy this now XD
I wished my nearest bookstore sold these Books >.> I gotta import these.
The US sucks, has absolutely nothing.
Tip for users - Just because you've 'fixed' an image doesn't necessarily mean the 'unfixed' image needs to be deleted.
I'd have fixed it already two days ago, but since it wasn't tagged fixme originally I didn't notice it needed it...

I might redo it anyway, since I find the higher contrast in the darks in this version easier to look at (and the other fix is USM-smashed).