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The miko reflected in the water's surface is troubled by what she sees. As far as the drawing details, notice the water surface's appearance, the grass, and the dishevelled hair. The grass was hand-drawn by the artist.
Aikawa Arisa + Kengaku
Half-nude miko at the shrine grounds
aikawa_arisa breasts miko nipples open_shirt

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At the bottom of the scan you see 4 sections of text. Going left to right:
  • 1. The kanji are 妄想画廊 (mousou garou, meaning "gallery of delusions"). I can't trace this to a source publication though.
  • 2. Describes the picture.
  • 3. "Illustrator: Aikawa Arisa + Kengaku". Not sure if kengaku is a name or not, it's in hiragana so it's ambiguous. But I've added the aikawa arisa tag.
  • 4. Describes the picture some more. They just refer to her as a miko and not a particular character from any franchise.
I guess technically this doesn't need tagme anymore, but there's still improvement to be had here (finding the source). Is there a "source request" tag or something similar?
fireattack said:
just remove the dang tag.
heh, I read that as dank
Gonna take that as a no. But yeah, if anyone can fill in a bit of history and find the source publication, that'd be neat.