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@Genex: It ain't naked when someone IS STILL wearing something...
So basically one or the other, but not both:

If a girl is wearing nothing besides socks, thighhighs, gloves, or shoes.
If a girl is naked but is also wearing a coat or cape around her shoulders.
Genex said:
If a girl is naked but is also wearing a coat or cape around her shoulders.
She isn't "wearing a coat or cape around her shoulders" here, as her arms go through the sleeves of the clothing, which means it's just a typical open_shirt situation.

And what you mentioned above should be naked_cape instead.
All these talks about useless general tags. How can one care about them with millions pictures around tagged differently with no actual purpose? Is it to annoy posters and make them suffer from mistakes? Those tags are already tens of thounsands items, they lost their purpose, if any, long ago while pictures from '00s still miss characters or series buried forever. Shout out to SpaRkofFiRe for digging up sources.
On another note, Kaba has done a decent job drawing Asuna cosplaying Owari. Now I wonder how Owari cosplaying Asuna would go over especially around Karin.
ngl this is why I never, ever, ever touch tags on this site. The rules regarding them are so strict and insanely black/white and never able to account for anything specific. The tags are so very limited in their usage that you cant search for anything unless it is a named character and you know the artist.

Why are open shirt, naked cape, and naked all mutually exclusive? I get that you guys dont want a hundred tags on every post, but having the same 6 tags on every post is not helpful either.
True. Such a helpful tag "breasts", as if it's hard to come by an anime picture with breasts these days.
Fetish tags - in the broadest interpretation of that concept - are there mostly for blacklisting though. That's why most tags should be artist, circle, intellectual property, character and pools for relevant collections of works (books etc). It's hard enough to decide on a character name in some properties...

Add a dozen years and you'll find people keep bringing up they want some or other thing tagged outside of the basics. That's a nightmare you can't maintain. Hell, most uploaders these days barely understand parent/child relationships and its purpose let alone general tags. But I digress and am turning this into a forum post which is not really the point of the comments.