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akiyama_mio dmyo hirasawa_yui k-on! pantsu shimapan snow_ring

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Such adorable faces...
Dmyo is really a good professional... Thank you so much for the gorgeous scans, midzki!
I had to download the PNG of this one, I admit.
My first sight was they were nopan..
but not there are pantsus..
should I shop them out?
Huumm... It's up to you. That pocky looks delicious.
You get the girls and I get the food!
I love your Flandre avatar.
En ………Human is still a kind of animals . It's not your fault . XD
you are the first one who 4th posted in my sight ( ^∀^)ゲラゲラ

tips: now the site is slow to respond your posts, you have to wait several secs not pressing any keys.
I noticed you're an Asian as same as me.
The site must be very slow because the location of the server is the farthest of us.
you are right . Now I've adapted this very slow site
Moe is slower than ever here... It was never that slow.
Everyone is complaining it's slower. I'd like to know if anyone thinks Moe has gotten faster.
Faces are very cute. Yui looks like she wants to share her pocky with us.