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angel_beats! seifuku shiina tenshi

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You know, knowing that Jun Maeda of Key is heading this project sets a certain expectation, but after seeing these latest images I have no idea what to expect anymore. Which is kind of a good thing actually.
Hmmm the title sounds awfully goofy to me, but I've learned by now not to rely on titles. Like, Spice and Wolf. Nvr. Woulda expected economical matters from a title like that.

Better yet what standard are you talking bout? Any works in particular?
Key as in Kanon, Air, Clannad, Little Busters, etc. Maeda is a writer and composer for their games.
Oo that KEY. I love all thier shows. I'll probably love this one too but as with all KEY productions I wonder what the twist will be that breaks me into tears for 2 weeks.
The promo videos were pretty awesome so far.
Guess noone ever played Routes?