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aoi_yuuji carnelian elf pointy_ears

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Aoi Yuuji? Cute artstyle, I like it...
Aoi Yuuji used to have a website called Cocktail Harmony, but it is long gone. I have been unable to locate a new one. :( I suspect, however, that 田宮秋人 is either the same artist with a new alias, or someone who worked with Aoi Yuuji in the past, because Cocktail Harmony used to be hosted on apuchan.com (there are some definite similarities in the art style, but CG coloring style would have to have changed for it to be the same person...)

Perhaps someone has more information? ^^;
... I had no idea of this, but, hey, thanks Riven. You're always such a great help.
There is both http://pandora.nu/apuchan/ and http://www.apuchan.com/ (I think PorcuPine is his doujinshi circle) and he goes by either TAMA or 田宮秋人 now. Pixiv is at http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=578899

I'm not certain of this information though; it really confuses me when Japanese artists change their aliases! ;_;