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Sorry for uploading this again and again but this should be a better version than the one I did yesterday.
Minor gamma and color adjustments. Also employed some filtering in low and very low frequency range to suppress blocking. All jpeg compressors seem to enjoy blocking darks to save space even at highest settings, so I used png this time.

Feedbacks are welcome, especially if you find some possible silly mistakes such as sharpening halos caused by forgetting to turn off sharpening in filtering programs.
Well..you can upload as much as you want until you feel satisfied, it's not like re-uploading better versions is bad lol. I'll check in some min and try to give some feedback (゚д゚)/
I've replaced some of mine like 3-4 times >.>
Haha this one should be the 3rd version I've uploaded. When I come back to the first one that I uploaded 1.4 years ago, it's simply shocking to realize that it did pass my quality check and got uploaded at that time.
Gotta take more detailed notes on my processing later, or some results can't be reproduced easily...
did you come back for the first one upon hearing my little accident on how i ended up in moe.imouto?