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Jingai said:

Perhaps 'man the harpoons' is more appropriate?
Wait, what? Are you saying that Selnia or Tomomi looks...FAT?!
Jingai said:
Wait, what? Are you saying that Selnia or Tomomi looks...FAT?!
They could both do with losing a bit.
Dat midsection.

Animu could do with more girls like these.
Tomomi has inverted feet
indeed.... the right foot is really a left foot
I didn't even noticed her feet because I was too busy looking at DAT ASS! The way Selnia's midsection was drawn makes her look a little chubby and her hips are a little too wide. Other than that, I think the girls look fine the way they are.
Against ladies like that, butlers don't stand a chance.
Kohei said:
Tomomi has inverted feet
Her legs are crossed...
Ecchi_Kitty said:
Her legs are crossed...
yea but, still inverted so is the other foot too
0.0 ? I wonder what would happen if no one said anything?
I mean i stared dead at her feet but it took Kohei's comment to make me really see it
yeah.. the feet is inverted... yes.. they are a litlee fat, but i loove that xD~~~