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>左右 足の指が逆

mmm well the toes are still kinda weird...O.o
You know. Completely aside from whatever benefit one derives from seeing naked girls, it could be rather interesting to have an episode of an anime (like Index or Railgun) which was done completely normally - except for the fact that everyone was nude. The effect of having everyone walk around that way, acting normally, and not noticing anything amiss would be quite interesting. It would be kind of like instead of nude-shopping one image, you nude-shop an entire episode of a show.
不穿衣服的炮姐 我才不喜欢呢 哼
@Kalessin: Well, there was that swimsuit episode of Endless Eight...
in strike_witches they walk around with no pants like nothing's any different ;)
@ Bakaneko's comment *thumbs up*