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bikini breast_hold breasts chinadress cleavage kotegawa_yui no_bra nopan pantsu panty_pull seifuku swimsuits tagme thighhighs to_love_ru underboob undressing wallpaper wet wet_clothes

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brainofgto said:
oh God I hate this bitch. She spoiler
Dude, spoilers.
brainofgto said:
So she does?
Somehow, I doubt it (I haven't finish the whole series yet). It really doesn't seem like the kind of series where they'd spoiler. But I'm sure that you can find out if you go searching online. Or you could always watch the show. If you mean the manga rather than the show, I haven't finished reading that either, so I can't say, but I think that the same applies. But the manga was forced to end early thanks to nonsense from the mangaka's ex-wife, so it's not the most conclusive of endings from what I hear (though it does come to an end, I believe).