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alice_(pairon) breasts garter_belt kamiya_maneki lingerie momoiro_taisen_pairon no_bra nopan open_shirt stockings thighhighs wallpaper

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supreme tsundere eyes (゚∀゚)b
can anyone got the artist name?
I was going to ask the same...
Tsundere+drills...i'm in love (*´ω`*)
Pixiv artist? I'm all in for that 'supreme tsundere eyes' and thighhighs, though going tsundere in such attire is entertaining.
EDIT: Yay for the the artist's tag.
I love Kamiya Maneki's signature eye style. My favorite is post #9312
Thank you Riven! I'm checking the links.

EDIT: OMG. That post's eyes are... GORGEOUS.
Hnnnnnnggg *nosebleed*

This is just delicious