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I can't load the picture...
The Mirror(s) have been throwing the odd tantrum, so some images take a while to come up like when the server changed. If you have Firebug addon or Opera try editing to relative url.
I love how noa looks (perfect smile, perfect eyes...and i'm sure perfect temper)! I've actually been looking everywhere for Para-sol...but can't find it!...I would kill a cow to get that game!
the game will be released in april 24th, but the preorder is now avaliable at the official site :3
Thanks for the info Maxus!!...i kinda assumed it was already out (given the amount of images available here...). Too bad my japanese isn't good enough yet...but it looks so good!! one way or another it's gonna be mine! ( ̄ー ̄)
ToshioTV said:
...i kinda assumed it was already out
They keep delaying the release date.
yep, was originally gonna be released on february 19 along with the single of the opening video :P