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Since when is Photoshop a fault tag? o_o
Don't forget to parent or child a post you shopped and copy over the relevant tags. Saves others having to do it. Less stray posts is a good thing.
midzki managed to get it changed a few days ago. On the grounds that things like nude-shops and what not aren't approved by the artist.
Unfortunately it also lumps in the few corrective and better for the context photoshops too.
SciFi said:
Unfortunately it also lumps in the few corrective and better for the context photoshops too.
A corrective photoshop or edit is on my opinion a crease removal, detexting etc. And those have their own non-fault tag. Any other photoshop is completely subjective, hence fault :p
I changed it back to general. "Fault" means there's something wrong with the image due to someone screwing up: bad scanning, bad processing, bad source media. It implies that something could be done better. It's meant to point out technical problems in an image, not ideological ones.

If we thought photoshopping an image was a fault, we shouldn't allow them on the site at all.
sorry didn't know that and about the noses i didn't think they had noses in this one i just tought this artist didn't draw because the image still looks natural withouth the noses and about the parenting i have asked this many time but they don't answer me who do you do the parenting i click when the images are almost the same and it just takes me to the POST page please tell me how to do it and sorry for my bad english
photoshop was changed to a fault tag? Seems like an excuse to delete ugly photoshops when there's no need for one.
yeah right, I got tired explaining every single failures on each photoshops I deleted since that guy's ranted post. although there are always technical reasons I can clearly see behind ┐('~`;)┌