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It was hard to acquire this book, in addition to no small price but after months of effort at last I won, and now I am planning to scan:]
Stella looks like a few pictures available on the Dragon Quest series. What I decided to joined in this series.
Hi YamatoBomber,

I am the webmaster and owner of the site http://leonjld.net, which provides a web game of queen's blade. I am glad to find that you have the 'legendary' book of "queen's quest - Stella the female warrior " and you have scanned several pages here. Actually what I am looking for is the numbers at the bottom of each page. In my website, the data for Stella was mostly fabricated and inaccurate. So I am wondering if you are going to continue the scanning of that book. If yes, then that will be a great help for me.

Please come visit my webpage if interested:


It would be wiser to PM him directly.

Click his name, and select 'send message' at the bottom of the screen.