bike_shorts blue_(pokemon) bulbasaur charmander chikorita chimchar crystal_(pokemon) cyndaquil dandelion_(artist) diamond_(pokemon) dress emerald_(pokemon) hibiki_(pokemon) megane mudkip odamaki_sapphire ookido_green_(pokemon) pearl_(pokemon) pikachu piplup platinum_berlitz pokemon pokemon_special red_(pokemon) ruby_(pokemon) silver_(pokemon) squirtle torchic totodile treecko turtwig yellow_(pokemon)

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Two things about this image:
1) Now I know where Ninty got the design for the female pokemon trainer in FR/LG (It's Blue, if you haven't already guessed).

2) Who the hell calls a boy "Pearl"?
The same person who named Mandark "Susan."
The one from pearl is Barry
dawn would have bin a better one. barry and dawn swich places!! (wen i said may i meant dawn even tho i edit it)
You do realize that Pearl's about as girly as is possible for a man in a children's video game, right?


don't answer that


That Torchic sure looks weird, huh?
This is from a manga called Pokemon Special / Adventure. Has nothing to do with the anime, and loosely based on the game.
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