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1925_(vocaloid) chibi hajimete_no_koi_ga_owaru_toki_(vocaloid) hatsune_miku lots_of_laugh_(vocaloid) miracle_paint_(vocaloid) musunde_hiraite_rasetsu_to_mukuro_(vocaloid) niboshi romeo_and_cinderella_(vocaloid) saihate_(vocaloid) thighhighs vocaloid world_is_mine_(vocaloid)

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I bet Radioactive is unconsciously trying to fill Debbie's ("I've been hunting Hatsune Mikus.") limited HD space with this recent flood of mikus.
I thought Radioactive likes Hatsune Miku. Or maybe not.
I wanted so badly to comment on this, but I had no idea of what to say.
So I thought it was better to remain quiet.
But I've surely noticed this site has been filled with Mikus.
And last week my image folder got heavier than my music folder, it's now on... 8,4 GB, omg.
Thanks people for uploading pretty images... And Hatsune Mikus!
the day of 3/9 can be read as MIKU in Japanese, there was the festival of miku drawing in Pixiv and others.