megurine_luka vocaloid wet_clothes zain

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*warning! incomming sarcasm*
I dont know about you, but i ALWAYS bath with my clothes on, and my obviously high tech thingomobobber on my wrist

nice artwork, though (even with the ridiculous concept)
Is the word "concept" a trend on this site now? I'm seeing it for the third time today.
@Kevlord: She's a robot, so...maybe the clothes and her skin are made of the same material? (Though I've no idea why a robot would be voluntarily bathing)

@Debbie: To be fair, the only synonym for the word is "idea" and this is a hi-res art site.
Eh... All of the Vocaloid are human, except for miki_(vocaloid)
It's supposed to be a 'tribute' to Silent Hill.
Tribute to Silent Hill? Oh. Thanks for the info.

Shizashi said:
and this is a hi-res art site.
I don't get what you meant with this, but it is ok. This is one of the reasons this site is so good.