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berry's gothic_lolita izutsu_aya lolita_fashion suzuhira_hiro thighhighs waitress

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How is this a taged maid? Ain't this one of them gothic dresses?
Again I do seem to typo alot these days... must be cuz im getting more used to Ventrilo, or perhaps cuz im often a little drunk. Anyways, I was posting a comment to see if any folks could comment wherever they thought this should be classified as maid or gothic.
Radioactive said:
I say Gothic.
She's a waitress actually. That's her uniform.
Considering her clothes looked styled after gothic and she has greyish-black fingernails ... it would be gothic but the button on her hip looks to me like something a waitress would wear. Plus the headgear, isn't that also a waitress thing? I agree with aoie, I say both.
PS she's no loli either ...
Gothic lolita is a type of fashion, doesn't mean that the person wearing it is a loli.
vistigris said:
Gothic lolita is a type of fashion, doesn't mean that the person wearing it is a loli.
Hmmm well I'm no fashion expert by any means but lolita attached to any word means underage to me. I suppose I'm swayed in that direction from the movies and books I've read and the fact that many anime and manga pictures I've seen refer to loli's as underage. Hence my biased opinion. So wouldn't Gothic Lolita then refer to some one as wearing gothic style while trying to appear underage? Or at least younger than they are?
I'm no expert either, but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothic_lolita makes it seem like it's influenced from children's clothing but meant for teenagers or older to wear it, so I don't know.