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card_captor_sakura daidouji_tomoyo japanese_clothes kerberos kinomoto_sakura lolita_fashion moonknives thighhighs wa_lolita

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This should have wa lolita and lolita fashion tags. Sakura's outfit is the very essence of Wa Lolita.
In all my years on first watching this series, I never knew Tomoyo was such a L/Y to Sakuya (Sakuya doesn't know though) until about two months ago.

God damn you US script switchers.
That's to those very same script changes, you probably wouldn't know that Yukito and Touya have a relationship of their own besides friendship... though I suppose they couldn't to anything about Shaoran's crush on Yukito. LOL

I love CLAMP and their views on love. It's really romantic. ^-^