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amatsumi_sora_ni! cameltoe clochette kanzaki_miyu pantsu seifuku shintarou thighhighs

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The scan quality is great Gekisou, but it seems like the color is a bit off from neutral with a blueish cast.
Dang! It's amazing that you can tell that. I didn't notice anything but I'm not very good with colors.
It's hard to tell that the color is wrong, without the real image underhand.
The whitepoint could be raised a little (it's around 245-248), but the color balance looks fine to me. Any less blue and it starts turning yellow.
It can be raised green a very slightly (gamma 1.01~1.05) in my eyes, but the impression of off-color must be due to the white point as petopeto said.
Adding a bit of green is what I would do to it. The parent post just seemed to have the better balance, but without seeing the original there is no way to know which is "right" as has been pointed out.