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gothic_lolita lolita_fashion megane miwa_yoshikazu synthetic_garden thighhighs valentine

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Nice - gothic_lolita megane - that's an incredible combination
I agree - This picture is my favorite from Miwa.
Looks so lovely. The dress, the hairband, the ribbons, an hypnotic combo.
When I looked that up there's not many matches - but 3 of them are variations of this pic ;)
Miwa does amazing work. He is one of those artists who can draw the most beautiful doujinshi covers, but once you look at the inside of them, you run away screaming in terror. (Sorry, that is just how I feel about tentacles...) Regardless, all of his colored illustrations are gorgeous; I wish that he had a (tentacle-free) full-color artbook.
Yeah, not a tentacle fan myself - I prefer non-penetration pics in general