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breasts hime_to_majin_to_koisuru_tamashii miko murakami_suigun nipples no_bra rokujouin_sakuya thighhighs

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ouch! that could hurt >.< (which reminds me: "even the most beautiful roses have thorns")
Hope she removed the thorns first! I used to take a horticulture class and we had to spend a lot of time removing thorns from roses.. it is a tedious (and painful at times) job. lol
Technically roses have spines.

Apparently the difference is that with spines you can remove them from the plant without damaging it, but you can't when it's thorns.

Cacti have thorns.
mm...well if you want it more technical, according to wikipedia, they are neither, but actually prickles - outgrowths of the epidermis. Spines appear to be "modified leaves" and thorns "modified branches" wiki ...so i don't know if their removal affects the plant :S.