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ass cygnus kousaka_tamaki naked thighhighs to_heart_(series) to_heart_2

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What's up with the right side of her buttocks? Am I visually misinterpreting something as a mistake? Otherwise, this is a fantastic illustration.
I know what you mean. Something looks out of place there.
What is wrong? She is abnormally thin and, yet, has big breasts and butt.
Totally artificial. Not that he isn't a good artist. It's a matter of style. (see CLAMP...)
Where are my Urotan curves? Sigh...
Debbie said:
Where are my Urotan curves? Sigh...
Where are they?
I have no idea Durotan.
Look again, the right leg is stretched out.
AZD-A9S said:
I have no idea Durotan.
Lol, nice composition! Once I created a Flickr as Debbie-tan, since I noticed Debbie and Debbie-chan were already taken.
Debbie-tan... Urotan... DUH.

Ok, that was idiot.
If anything her breasts look abnormal o_O