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Naked_Flame said:
This is pretty badly drawn.
I would love to see more artist criticism.
Naked_Flame said:
This is pretty badly drawn.
draw it better...
MDGeist said:
draw it better...
So you can't criticise unless you can draw better then the artist? Don't be daft.
theres a difference between constructive criticism and blatant flame.
just stating: OMG THIS IMAGE IS TEH SUCK is really, really helping the artist to improve and a very good way to start a discussion! ;)
Better ways would be to state WHY it sucks.

- shoes look weird
- legs have weird shape
- color balance is a bit off
- the hair should be lower, longer, bigger
- the red doesnt fit the background
- etc blablabla

Imagine you are the artist, and sb tells you "this is badly drawn". What do you respond? Thank you for your criticism, Ill consider it?
Or do it better, or a simple "WHY?" ?
Your original response was the blatant flame.

I agree we need constructive criticism, but there is no point getting angry over it...
post like "omg i want to suck her pussy" arent better either
and thats the same category of Naked´s post.

i wasnt really angry, more sarcastic.