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Only 20% of the pages are shown. use pool zip to get all o(・ω・o)=3
Why can't you release 30 a day?
I think all the scans I uploaded should be downloaded as zips, not separately. No need to be shown if people noticed the existence of the pool.
besides, the scans I hide were related to tutorial/reference/text, and something like that.
Doesn't downloading the pool zip slam the server? Personally I really like seeing them hit the index a few a day. For those who rename and tag their files it makes for shorter sessions of tedium. :)
Xcalibur said:
I have a python script that does the renaming if you like.
I have my own clunky system, but I'm used to it.
Xcalibur said:
Doesn't downloading the pool zip slam the server?
Must be better than multi-download single files.