bandages dress hoshiyui_tsukino summer_dress

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it's nice,and make me a little sad,nice pic
she (the artist) is also a high schooler.. Σ(゚Д゚ )
... What... Wait, that's nearly impossible.
Some people have insane talent I guess
Yeah, or insane free time.
Debbie said:
Yeah, or insane free time.
I knew a girl in middle school, she was 13, and made her own manga, she was crazy good at drawing, and did it during class non-stop and im sure she did it at home quite a bit too, but in school you can draw all day without worry
Not if you are a good student.
Some people have extremely good talent at an early age. Of course, high school isn't exactly a 'early' age. I've seen some really well done stuff done by students still in high school. (IE: Still life stuff, portraits done with just charcoal, and clay.)
time, practice, and patience allows a true artist to bring their mind's artistic desire into our world