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bestiality censored elf extreme_content hitomaru loli monster panty_pull pointy_ears sex shrine

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Justin_Law said:
You think she's dead?
i think that would be good for her >.<...but i don't think so...since she is crying (and producing all that juice)...but who knows...(not guilty until proven the contrary i guess)
I think she is just mind-broken, not to mention vaginally as well. Anyone for seconds?
The_Dark_Crusader said:
i feel sorry for that poor elf
Same... :L
hm... should we report our hitomaru-chan here to the elf protection agency? i mean, that guy really has a penchant for abusing poor little elves.
or rather, one elf he's seemingly very fond off... in a twisted way
I wanna save her from that beast...
I would like to see loots of more photos on this guy, he is my hero :)
i guess the beast like elf ear wax too
Hitomaru usually draw xxx between beastman and loli elf girl,make I think he grow up from farm! :D
BEAST! LET GO OF HER! im going first