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I always had a weird feeling Bioshock had an audience with moe artists.
I'll go ahead and apply "Copyright" to Bioshock.
For a moment there I was wondering why the hell it got tagged with "Hakurei Reimu".
God damn yukkuris.
The whole Moe thing in Bioshock intrigued me slightly but I don't like that type of game
OMG I finally got to realize that nothing is unmoeable...
Last time it was BF2142 gals and this time it was the little sisters...
Bumpo... coz I'm playing Bioshock 2.

And now this pìc makes sense to me :o
Love this!!! The big daddy is also very cute!
Super necro bumping here, but I felt like I had to type this:

I saw the thumbnail on the site and clicked it and this popped up. I had played both the games and loved them. So seeing the little sisters all happy and innocent with the Big Daddy watching them brought a tear to my eye.