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anime_love_angel said:
why don't they sell this magazine in USA anymore I miss it >.<
Yeah...I had subscribed to them.

Can't remember properly but - Newtype USA ran out of business due to something about could no longer maintain the material of their magazines (high costs).

Some of them started a new magazine (I forget the name but I did receive them) and ran for just about some months and that stopped.

I still got these stacks of Newtype USA and their new magazines stored up.
It was discussed on an ANNCast a while back with one of the old Newtype USA employees. Basically what happened was that the deal that ADV had with the Japanese was seriously lopsided in favor of the Japanese - things like the Japanese taking no losses on unsold copies of Newtype USA. The Japanese had pretty much no risk in Newtype USA while ADV had all of the risk.

ADV decided to try and get a fairer deal. Instead of giving them the fairer deal, the Japanese pulled the plug. Having lost the right to publish Newtype USA, ADV created PIQ as a replacement. However, PIQ didn't last long. Unfortunately, I forget why it died. IIRC, it actually could have kept going, but ADV decided to pull the plug for some reason. I'd have to go relisten to the podcast to be sure though.

In any case, basically ADV tried to get a fairer deal and the Japanese pulled the plug on them. So, Newtype USA bit the dust.
Kalessin said:
EDIT - Read above this post please.
Thanks. That's a better explanation.