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bottomless bra christmas panty_pull suzuhira_hiro thighhighs

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kajin said:
quiero navidad!!!!!! xD
Por favor, no hables en español, este sitio es en inglés. n.n
Thank you~
Osikaa said:
Por favor, no hables en español.
No, si se puede (mientras no sea en exceso).
blooregardo said:
No, si se puede (mientras no sea en exceso).
*Se esconde bajo una piedra*
Esto me pasa por hacerme la listilla ¬////¬
People here talk Japanese normally, and nobody says anything.
Looks like it should work the same way with Spanish users. And all the other users as well
Actually, using spanish isn't the problem (I do that at times).

Problem is the amount of hispanic users that only put silly one liners.
Hm, now that's a problem.
!Que rico mami!

Just kidding :P
Just be considerate. It might be the internet but we're all people. I see a lot of crap going on about each day here, i warn the user and move on hoping they learned a bit today.