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Don't we have Haruka on this magazine?
What's up with this cover then?

Its Dengeki Moeoh. Its a magazine with illustrations, interviews, etc. There are also manga chapters, and Haruka is one of the manga that is released through this.
Oh... Is that so? How awesome!
But, where are the Haruka scans? Are they coming yet?
I'll be waiting...
actually, 2/3 of the contents of the magazine are monochrome mangas. I'd rather spend my time to scan fullcolor illustrations. the time of scanning monochromes and scanning full colors are the same though (240 pages/hour in the fastest (* >ω<)ノ).
I can't buy Moeoh or some book of the kind at a store because...
you know, the book cover is like above the picture and I'm too embarrassed.