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One of the characters in this game has the name トイレの花子さん.
van said:
...Toire no Hanako-san?
Silvance said:
van said:
Yes, that Hanako. So one of the characters is a ghost? I guess that's to be expected seeing one of the characters have that staff and the game's logo is like that.
Hmm, perhaps this exposes my ignorance. I thought it was literal, Toilet Flower Girl, which I found amusing. She is pictured however floating with her cape/shawl/stole billowing in an unseen wind.
I just checked the company's site and yeah, she's Hanako. Although one may misunderstood because she got flowers on her hat and that she floats above the toilet, you might think her name means literally that, Toiler Flower Girl.
It reminds me of Harry Potter...
The game title of yokoshima_pandemic could be readable alternatively as "Japandemic".
Is this a game that depict a pandemic disorder inside Japan? LOL
fireattack said:
It reminds me of Harry Potter...
I suppose this was a tribute to Harry Potter, since the toilet girl in Harry Potter has got a name "Moaning Myrtle" where myrtle is a plant name itself. So we have a Toilet *Flower* here?