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I'll be honest, only pictures I got were Sayaka's (and... 1 Tomomi one).

Closest thing in terms of cuteness this artist has created is one of the Yosuganosora girls (Mizuha, I think she's called?)

EDIT: Kazuha! That's her name. She's the closest thing to Sayaka.
The Pia Carrot 2 is the best in the series in terms of illustration style that I liked.

IMO the other Pia Carrot didn't share the same attractiveness as the second part :P
D:< No, Maya iincho, u wrong!

>.< Pia 3 the bestest ever! spoiler

Pia 2's chars look too thin for me. I compare Tomomi in Pia 2 with her 3 self, there's a lot of difference.

Pia carrot 1 (SEGA saturn) is the first eroge (it was really an eroge even a consumer..) I played, made me into moe drawing o(・ω・o)=3
midzki, did you supposedly fart in that last smiley?

... I need to get a new Saturn ;__; One I have doesn't work anymore.
Ah wait, let me correct myself, Pia Carrot 3 was the one i meant :)
Stay away from MAH Sayaka, Maya iincho <.<

I dun mind if you bitchslap me <.<

You can have Akemi or Tomomi.