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akino_sora naked panty_pull patchouli_knowledge touhou

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The direct link for this image is too long and putting it as a source would make it broken. You'd still have to visit the artist's page if you put the direct link as the source link, at least on my case.

Post #134021 as an example, if I click the source link there, it will redirect me to the artist's page. (the link actually does go to the artist page even with the img29 direct link posted there) And if I use the links from the history page/edit options, I'd be having problem loading the image, unless I've gone to the artist's page first and click the image there. (considering there are people that want to check edit boxes and history pages first)

So I don't think there are any differences if you put the direct link to the image or link to the image at the artist's page, you'd still go to the same place.

I'm using Mozilla. Tested using IE and google chrome, same stuff.
Admins of pixiv suggest to use links to medium pages instead of images directly.
and they may redirect some hyper links into medium pages.
We use direct link for "find artist" feature. Because only the direct link contains artist's account name.
It's coincident with the url in artist DB, then system will tell you the artist "akino sora" automatically (just click "find artist" button in edit mode).
That's also the reason we're keeping updating artist DB to input URLs of new pixiv artists.

But to avoid linking to the pointless direct pictrue link, system will redirect the link when you click it. :P
and about http://img03.pixiv.net/img/yakusoku/8185629.jpg?1263585483 ..
It's a new feature of pixiv, which makes user can do same minor fixing of their posting with the same pic number. But it will bring about a post-revision-number in the link. For moe's source input box... just put the string before "?" is enough. Otherwise, the system won't catch the artist correctly.
Ah, I see now. Thanks for the answers. So the direct link is needed for quick discerning of the artist, and that you only need things before the question mark at the previous link I mentioned. I thought you need all of them 'cause I can't seem to access the image directly without things after the mark, but if the system redirects to the medium page with just that, then no problem it seems. I'll keep these in mind.
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