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Dos anyone have this one in a larger size? like 5000X3... i need the highest resolution i can get :P
Since its from pixiv, only the artist could have a higher res.
I want to say that I actually asked the artist if he/she had a larger copy of the image, but that seem rather awkward.
I like having really high resolution images, but I confess that this is one where I don't see much point in having one much bigger. My monitor is 1920x1200, which is fairly big. And while the image is bairly wider than my horizontal resolution, it's way taller than my vertical resolution. And even if I were to orient my monitor so that it's taller vertically, the image is still quite a bit bigger. There are monitors which go as high as 2560 x 1600, but even then, you couldn't quite display the image at full resolution. And while I don't print much stuff, I have a hard time believing that you can print anything at anywhere near that resolution on a typical printer (without downscaling it anyway).

I definitely agree that bigger is better, and I'm sure that when you're doing stuff like manipulating the image or extracting pieces of it it's even more so, but I would have thought that anything much bigger than this wouldn't help much, generally speaking. I love getting high res images (and what qualifies as a high res monitor now probably won't in the future, so really high res images are that much more important for longevity), but many of the images here seem like they're so large that they'll just always get downscaled whenever they're used, such that there really isn't much point in trying to get them at a higher resolution than they already are.
LegendSama said:
Dos anyone have this one in a larger size? like 5000X3... i need the highest resolution i can get :P
I suppose just he is being sarcastic..

btw, A4 printable resolution is drawn at height 4000px, but the necessary details are down to around 2000px because details will be lost in the process of printing (with AM 175lpi screening. recent doujin arts printed with higher resolutions have more details)
therefore, artists only need to draw details looking good on the 50% resized on the monitor.
well i wanted to make a bed sheet out of it! O.o i so love this image! but i dont want the bed sheet to turn out crapy XD so thats why i asked!
Printing on coarse fabric don't need that high resolution, 2800 for 2 meters is acceptable I guess. But make sure the one doing the printing is familiar with his job, or you can end up with tons of aliasing.