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sayappa tutorial

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目から鱗 (`・∀・´)
it'll take a whole day to translate all, but the summary is a simple.
the ideal proportion of the anime head is based on the contrast between the eyes and the skin, excluding the hair.

draw a circle as a front face first, then draw horizontal line to split the circle into an half & an half. eyes are putted on the line, with 1/3 radius sized, with a same size gap between the eyes. they are symmetrically placed both vertically and horizontally.

(it's also the way of my drawing (ノω〃) , but I didn't know the proportion logically)
Oh... Thank you so much, midzki-nyan. This is very useful! I'll study it a lot!
Hehe, really? Do you have Pixiv account, midzki?
I haven't (´・ω・`)
Wow, his/her Pixiv page has a lot of very useful things!