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I love this pic, so I checked out various pages on wiki for Baccano! character info. The following are just guesses, but I'd assume most are correct, unless a Baccano! fan can identify them.

Extreme-left background, guy in blue outfit (SUSPECTED):
Lucino B. Campanella ~ Distant direct descendant of Monica Campanella & Huey Laforet. Appears in 2000s timeline.

Left-middle, blond lady in pink:
Monica Campanella ~ Wife of Huey Laforet, during 1700s timeline.

Center-left, black-haired guy in white:
Huey Laforet ~ Immortal alchemist.

Center-front, small girl in white dress (SUSPECTED):
Riza Laforet ~ Daughter of Huey Laforet, younger sister of Chane Laforet.

Center-right, woman in black dress:
Chane Laforet ~ Daughter of Huey Laforet from 1930s timeline, elder sister of Riza Laforet. Wife of Claire Stanfield.

Center-right foreground, lucky guy with a tie (SUSPECTED):
Charon Walken ~ Great-grandson of Claire Stanfield and Chane Laforet. Younger brother of Claudia Walken. Red hair is dyed black. Name pronunciation seems to be "Sha-Ron", similar to how Chane is pronounced as "Sha-Ne". Appears in 2000s timeline.

Right-foreground, red-headed lady (SUSPECTED):
Claudia Walken ~ Great-granddaughter of Claire Stanfield and Chane Laforet. Older sister of Charon Walken. Appears in 2000s timeline.

Right, red-haired guy with red eyes:
Claire Stanfield ~ Husband of Chane Laforet. Codenamed "Vino". Later purchased and adopted the name "Felix Walken". Prominent in 1930s timeline.

Obviously, they've never appeared together like this anywhere in the actual story, but that's also part of why this trans-generation family pic is so great!
Just saying, all your suspected ones are correct :)