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1500x1080 isn't any standard or even non-standard resolution I've heard of.
Neither is 1366x768, but that is what I have.
SciFi said:
Neither is 1366x768, but that is what I have.
Not true. 1366x768 is a very common resolution size for 720p TV and monitors that adheres to a 16:9 aspect ratio. (1366 / 768 =~ 1.77, and 16 / 9 =~ 1.77)

1500x1080 is just made up. I'm removing the wallpaper tag.
80% of laptop released in 2010 in Japan is 1366x768.
1280x800, 1440x900 is already extinct. there is no hope 16:10 monitor released in the future. (although I hate 1366x768 perverted resolution. it's even not 16:9 accurately ┐('~`;)┌)
Personally dislike 16:9...
Japanese monitor brand, such like Eizo and NEC will keep their 16:10 lines based on VA or H-IPS panel at least next three years. However, no 16:10 for laptops except some costly mobile workstations.