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exit_tunes pop school_swimsuit swimsuits

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POP is always the best :) specially when he draw swimsuits <3
Here is CM Covers 3... But where is CM Covers 4? *sighs*
POP's pretty art makes me feel like downloading this one.
But where is CM Covers 4? *sighs*
That's exactly what I tought...

It's the only thing keeping this collection from being perfect ;_;
Yep yep... Anyways it's truly fantastic.
I only *sigh* for the lack of newer Uma umas and CM Covers 4, but other than that, I see a very valuable collect of high-quality scans.
I believe that the book was released before those CDs, this is why these illustrations aren't on it.

These "classics" deserved being properly scanned and I'm quite happy they were post #144917 post #144911
Not to mention the covers from Anime Best 2, 3, 4, Anime complete best, Uma Uma complete best, Bitter, and 90's Jcovers. Awesome. Awesome. A thousand times.