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animal_ears bondage breasts k-on! loli nakano_azusa nekomimi nipples no_bra open_shirt panbai pantsu pussy_juice shirt_lift skirt_lift vibrator

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the figures on the left hand side dont have any facail fetures.(lazy)
They have enough. Besides, no one cares about them.. except maybe Azu-nyan.
A bit of sticky tape, what ARE they thinking...
Water-proof tape comes in first aid kits.
animetfw said:
Water-proof tape comes in first aid kits.
Yeah, but why take the chance of it sticking decently under wet conditions to cloth (cotton/nylon/silk)? Just use her panties to hold it in place. That works very well. ^_^
"Mommy, why's that girl over there have a leash on?"
"Shh! Don't look!"
mommy why does the girl over there heve 4 ears
More like: Mommy can I have one of those?
I like how this picture has a bit of cultural norm in it. Interesting where these things will show up.
wonder who's leading the lil kitty's leash..,