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And people then ask me why I prefer anime girls that real life ones?
Other than the heart piercing beauty and profound deepness of character many times present. And this image is more than enough proof.

AND sakurazawa izumi is definitely one of the best artists available out there but why so lo res...... (sad face)
its probably the cover for the new doujin for comiket..
Rorioki said:
And people then ask me why I prefer anime girls that real life ones? (...)
Well, because you're maybe a freak. ^_^ Even though I like japanese anime and manga art, I prefer real life girls. (Especially delicious flat chested ones...) You can't kiss, hug or have sexual intercourse with a drawn thing... Remember boyo, it's just art.
Oh, one can kiss and hug a drawn thing, just there is no reciprocation, which is what is needed most in a healthy relationship ^_^

I'd like to see someone try to have intercourse with one though, o.o

Maybe I wouldn't.
...aaaaanyways... WHY CANT I STILL NOT GUESS CRONAS GENDER!?!?!? o(>_____<)o
Her gender is... LOLI. The best!
Rorioki said:
And people then ask me why I prefer anime girls that real life ones?
lol, epic (fail)
Calling the other person a freak or using words like "epic fail" doesn't make your opinion be better than the other.
All opinions must be respected, and so must the people behind it...
I didn't intend to make my opinion better, I just wrote my opinion. Maybe using "freak" was too rude, but hey. What's this world peace shit, Debbie? xD
I don't think world peace is a shit... This mind sound too moralist but I believe the world needs to rethink about their modern values. I know it's corny to say that, given the situation we are found, but... Yet I can't refrain myself from saying it. I can't just watch things and keep quiet, as nothing was happening.
Wow, Debbie. You are really working out this "opinion" thing. Makes me proud of you C:
Keep going~
Yeah, it really sounds too moralist. And way too objective. You're a drop in the ocan just like me, you can't determine what's good and wrong. Neither you can do anything.

Nevermind, let's talk about lolis.
I have personal beliefs of what is good and wrong. I can't change others, but I can show what I think. The ideas are there, but the manner how each one learns from them is unique. I just imagined ideals of respect could be interesting to someone.
If you think like this, great, I understand your point. But I don't think we are that powerless; small actions can bring great results. Either way, everyone has their own brain so they can use it to achieve a proper conclusion on this matter.

I'm sorry for disturbing the site's usual peace.
I think you're not disturbing anything at all. We have our own unique opinions, and internet sites are for share these opinions. And pictures, of course.

Now, back to lolis!