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Wow, the girl on the far left looks a little.. unnatural. The girl with the pink hair is far more desirable.
idk like girls with red hair (especially naturals) i mean if yoruichi died her hair a nice sexy red to match my benihime :P *drools*
Liza, the sub character of this game is the best >w<b
I'd say the redhead is by far the best of these girls.
emikojunji said:
But her hair isn't ginger. Ginger is more of an orange color. Here hair is definitely red. Not that that's particularly natural (how many anime/manga hair colors are?), but she's not ginger.

Not to mention, I have no clue where the saying came from that gingers have no souls...
I like the light brown haired girl better, she looks the most natural of all of them..:3