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cameltoe hirasawa_ui k-on! loli nakano_azusa nipples pantsu shimapan shiou_tsuyukusa suzuki_jun topless

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They are so cute! Even dressed like this they are still cute, unbelievable. May be it is due to bright colors?
More likely, it's because their breasts aren't massive.
Isn't Azusa supposed to be as flat as as table? She looks busty here.

And IMO Ui should have a bigger chest. She outmatches her sister in EVERYTHING (except stupidness).
kyoushiro said:
I think theoretically it is possible. Azusa could grow rapidly, she is in her teens. Speaking about Ui, she is not that bad; she is big enough here to overmatch her sister. But she does could lose few centimeters due to a diet,if you want to consider her as not well-endowed.

P.S. I just noticed an amusing fact. Once someone spoke about breasts discussion focused on them. People's nature...