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a new character on the next season? (゜∀゜)
huh? Index wasnt an old character?
probably referring to railgun where index was not a main character.... but cannot wait for new index season, enjoy railgun bit more but more index cannot hurt...
Hope Index won't be a mascot still in the 2nd season, appearing only at the end of episodes biting Touma's head.
This one is nice enough to make into a wallpaper.
midzki said:
a new character on the next season? (゜∀゜)
lol I missed Index. I wonder how many watched only Railgun and didn't watch Index? I saw Railgun is licensed for US, but Index isn't.
midzki, where do you get all those awesome smileys?
( ̄‿‿ ̄)

LOL.. kyoushiro is jealous about those smileys

2) twitter (mainly taken from karory :3)
3) googling "顔文字+ (name of action/emotion)"