dress k-on! landscape nakano_azusa sayaemon

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same artist as http://moe.imouto.org/post/show/129936/akiyama_mio-k-on-sayaemon but the source link in that picture doesn't work, and I'm not sure where the artist name 'sayaemon' comes from. would appreciate any help getting the artist tags right for the two pictures.
What are you talking about? The source link on post #129936 works fine.

It is the same, I found azu-nyan in the random selection on the user page.
sorry, it comes up with a 403 error when I click on it...
If you keep getting 403 from it then you may be experiencing a content filter that masks blocked pages as html errors.
ah, I was clicking on a link in the tag history. is the artist's name actually sayaemon though? it says "ハル(D)/ポポロン" (haru (D) /poporon). I can't read Japanese very well so pixiv confuses me often ^^;;